Friday, August 28, 2009

Etsy Shop: Whimsical Treasure

It's 6:59 on Friday morning and I'm filling up my tumbler with steaming hot coffee, preparing to face a College Algebra class. The thing is, typically, math and I don't usually get along so well. The whole numbers and equations thing just messes with my brain.

Thankfully, there are things in the world that are much more agreeable with my sense of being. For example - everything at Whimsical Treasure. Even the name makes me smile.


  1. oh how perfectly i can understand you! :D math is just horrible :D I am not in good relationship with it either :D you have a nice blog, :)


  2. Just beautiful!!! (and much, much better than any algebra equation I've seen!)

  3. Awww I really love the first two necklaces! The first one especially, it reminds me of this online store called Locher's

    You should definitely check it out, they have cute and somewhat naughty jewelry and clothes.

    Great blog =)

  4. Omg, I need that first necklace! So cute, even though I don't know why it says Wander or what the numbers mean. lol

  5. I love etsy ;) The earrings are great!! <3

    xox, mavi

  6. nice picks and surely they have the power to brighten the day :-) ...