Sunday, August 30, 2009

Truly Stylish

"They can tie a scarf,
knot a belt,
size up a boot heel,
and kick the stuffing out of a pinstriped suit.
They know what jeans wash is cool and what cocktail is hot.
But above all, they're thoughtful.
About dressing.
About behavior.
About attracting the right kind of attention at just the right time.
Which is what seperates the truly stylish from the merely fashionable."
-Allure, September 2009


  1. Truth be told, I like the Olsen twins, even if I feel a bit guilty admitting it! I adore Zooey Deschanel too and in this case I don't feel guilty at all :-)

  2. above all, thoughtful...

    that was my fav bit of the quote...

  3. So inspirational! I love all these celebrities and their style. Great choices!

    You study apparel design?? What do you do for that? I always wish I took classes related to fashion but I was always practical that way... No fun!

  4. gees this post is so inpiring !!
    I love your blog !! :D:D

  5. separating the truly stylish from the merely fashionable. i like that.

  6. I love all those actresses! Definately some of my faves. And, clothes wise, that red dress that Amy Adams wore to the Oscars last year is one of my all-time favorites. I would wear it in a heartbeat!

  7. i definitely adore olsen twins! their style is so genuine!

  8. Les regards Georgous Sont! I love your blog!