Saturday, August 29, 2009

What A Hoot!

Everyone in the world loves music. And everyone in the world loves to be happy.
Therefore, I think we can logically conclude that everyone in the world loves music that will make them happy.
Allow me to introduce Owl City - a music venture established by a young man named Adam whose influences include God, optimism, G-rated movies and Hubert de Givenchy. You just can't get a better combination than that.
My friend told me to look him up on itunes a few weeks ago and I downloaded his most recent album, Ocean Eyes, immediately. I've also become addicted ever since. His music is so upbeat, charming, romantic and, well, happy. The lyrics are clever, smooth and filled with puns, which make it quite fun. (Oops! Poet and didn't know it! =D)

I also strongly encourage you to follow him on twitter. He is absolutely hilarious.


  1. Golf and alcohol don't mix, and that's why I don't drink and drive!
    Haha! I love Owl City! :D

  2. I've added you to my personal blog roll ; )